Our specialty is customized installation of all types of track, counterweight, or motorized rigging systems. Our clients include professional, community and school theaters; broadcast, video, and motion picture production facilities; churches; touring companies, dance studios; convention and retail facilities. EVERY CLIENT IS IMPORTANT TO US.


Safety inspections

We offer a safety and preventive maintenance inspection to determine your exact rigging and drapery repair needs. A written report on the condition of your existing equipment and curtains will be submitted with a list of repairs and maintenance needs.


Design of quality rigging and drapery  systems

Also: Turntables, stage lifts, motorized curtains, acoustical curtains, mechanical and special effects, treadmills, fire curtains, counterweight sets, stage wagons, winch sets, orchestra shells.


Sandbags and rope line rigging 

The simplest (and one of the oldest) method of flying scenery is by using a series of ropes. If the load is too heavy for one person to handle easily, a sandbag can be added, to the free end of the lines as counter-balance. The lines run from the batten to the grid, over the loft blocks, then to one side of stage house where they pass over the head blocks, and then down to the pin rail where they are tied off. This method is particularly useful for temporary lines or smaller pieces of scenery.

Call us if you need new sandbags. We will make the size and weight bag you need.


Counterweight systems  

In the counterweight systems, the ropes of the rope line rigging have been replaced by steel cables, which run from a pipe batten to the grid, over the loft blocks to one side of the stage where they pass over the lead blocks and are fastened off to an arbor. The cables are of such a length that when the batten can be reached from the floor, the arbor is at the top of the stage house under grid. Weights are loaded onto the arbor to counter-balance of the scenery on the batten.

If motorized rigging systems winches are used in place of the counterweight arbors and weights, curtains and scenery are lifted or moved with the flip of the switch. Any theatre, auditorium or studio can use this system. Sometimes a combination of winches and counterweight system may be best.

We will be happy to answer your questions about any of these systems and we will help you decide which system is appropriate for you.

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