Our specialty is custom installation. We can fabricate the hardware necessary to securely install your track or grid for years of operation. We service our installations and we stand by our work. When you order your track, you will receive all the hardware, carriers, pulleys, clamps, stops and cord necessary to make your track completely functional.

Heavy duty cyclorama tracks are available in the 500 and 420 series.

Typical track and grid for studios
Switches enable studio curtains to be moved from one track to another. Switching arrangements are available in a standard two-way shifting of track channel, four-way criss-crossing, or a fan shaped design which allows a curtain to be moved from one track to another in as many as five ways.
Parallel tracks can be simultaneously switched with a special devise. With one single operation a curtain can be moved from the outside track to a across track dividing the studio. Normally this would take three separate switches.

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